IQ-Pilot & IQ-Mobility

iQ-Pilot & iQ-Mobility Webinar
Are we ready for autonomous public transport?

Let´s check out how Stockholm could start running an autonomous bus line in its current public transport network. We showcase our recent research findings on autonomous vehicle technology and fully autonomous public transport systems with focus on safety, flexibility, energy- and cost efficiency. The findings are from the two research projects IQ Pilot and IQ Mobility, that we have been running from 2016 to 2020 together with partners.

iQ-Pilot & iQ-Mobility Break-out sessions

iQPilot Technology, Motion and Command

In this stream you will see technical presentations that highlight the autonomous vehicle technology behind the iQPilot project, the fundamentals behind autonomous motion of an autonomous vehicle and advances in connectivity to the outside world through 5G.

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iQPilot Perception and Situational Awareness

This stream will show technical presentations that focus on advances in the sensing and perception technologies that are fundamental to driving an autonomous vehicles in urban areas, as well as our latest results in situational awareness.​

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iQ Mobility

Presentations in this stream will give you an in-depth view in the control and operations of the autonomous transport system within a control centre context, and external HMI functions that help a vehicle operate within the system.

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Academic and Industrial PhD Student Presentations

Academic and industrial PhD students at Scania will present their work in the autonomous vehicle area. This includes FFI and WASP funded students in the areas of situational awareness and motion planning.

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